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Anonymous says: how can you take screenshots of the sims 3 like that? i have the hq mod, but still... How do you take screenshots?

You may need this mod.

1.) Hit the TAB key and then use the WASD keys to navigate. Look here for more info.

onyxirony replied to your photo: Index Sims 3 Roleplay”
Sooooo handsome! <3

Index Sims 3 Roleplay

silent-ronin says: Jasumi, do you ever plan on putting Jaejoong up for download? *puppy dog eyes*

Sure, why not! 

I do have some other sims I need to upload first though (like Sehun).

soloriya replied to your post Right. So here’s my final version of G-Dragon:

i can’t find Jasumi… are you sure you wrote correct nickname?

Oh, he wasn’t up until last night or so. Try checking again ^^

And now we have a TOP that doesn’t make me rage quit :) I have uploaded them both to the Gallery under the hashtag #Jasumi. I plan on adding the rest of Big Bang when I have some time ^.^

Right. So here’s my final version of G-Dragon/Ji Yong, I am done with this God forsaken CAS. I’ll upload him to the gallery later on today under the hashtag #Jasumi when I finish TOP. I tweaked eyes, nose, profile after I finally figured out just what the hell I was doing…

◄ ATTN All Inquiring Minds…

In case any of you may be wondering, I fully intend to continue playing/uploading pictures of my Sims 3 characters/stuff. By no means is this turning into a TS4 simblr come September, though I may end up posting pics from both games if I like the Base Game. Although I did have nothing but seething hatred for the Sims 3 base game when I first played it, so we’ll see if I can even tolerate the Sims 4 lol