Space Umbrella

fanaskher said:

How do you as I might want to try myself if it doesn’t mean going into Milkshape lol

Well…unfortunately it does require going into Milkshape at some point XD (hence the annoying aspect of all of this).

Smaller Breathing Holes for Young Adult Males...

This was made a bajillion years ago and finally brought to you here in the present! All it does is make the nostrils appear smaller. It may seem like a simple change, but it does have a dramatic effect on a sim’s nose. I’ve had a lot of use out of this slider and maybe you’ll find it useful too!

Location: Nose —> Nose Tip —> Smaller Nostrils


          — Pulls the base of the nostrils inward (therefore decreasing the width of the nostril).

          — Pushes the front of the nostril forward (visible only in profile angles).

If you’d like a female equivalent of this slider, look here: Inverted Nostrils Slider.


Nail Design v1

You cannot have enough Nails for your Game, so i decided to make my own Nails

I hope, you’ll like them :)

~NOT recolorable

~2 Variations

~ONLY for Female Sims

Download ~here~

These nails have a pretty shape, download them :O